April 03, 2017

M.R.K.T. pairs up with Jeff Staple, the mastermind designer behind the notable Staple Pigeon label and Reed Space Concept Store, to design a traveling briefcase that transforms into a mobile workstation.


The briefcase uniquely fuses the design concepts of both Staple Pigeon and Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger to showcase functionality, structure, and sophisticated design through this thoughtful collaborative design project.
The briefcase consists of components that are removable from the outer body, creating smaller accessories such as a compact briefcase. The removable carrier can be used without the straps as a media sleeve or folio with plenty of compartments for storage.
The briefcase also holds a removable valet tray purposefully designed with SUPR FELT for lasting durability. It was designed to hold keys, hotel cards, wallets, watches, and other small accessories of the traveling professional all in one place.
Hidden tastefully on in inner compartment of the briefcase is a laser-etched poetic passage infused into the silhouette, 

‘The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places, and one of those lights slightly brighter than the rest will be my wingtip passing over.’